Can you recover pictures from Lexar memory card?

Memory card is an electronic storage device, designed to store the digital data. It is widely used in many digital devices like digital cameras, laptops and mobile phones. Memory cards are used to store photos, video, audio and other important data. There are numerous types of memory cards existing in market such as SD cards, CF cards, smart media card and multimedia card. There are many top brands of memory card and memory storage devices like Lexar, Sony, Kingston and SanDisk. The most popular card is Lexar SD card. SD card is also called as secure digital card. This memory card provides high data transfer rate and low power consumption. But unfortunately sometimes, you may lose data from memory card due to corruption of memory card. Improper handling of camera and memory cards may also leads to data loss. You can recover data from memory card by using advanced data recovery software. Before knowing the solution, let us discuss the reasons behind memory card corruption.

The major reason for SD card corruption is human error. If the camera is switched off when image saving process is incomplete, then the photo files in the memory card may get corrupted. If at all SD card is removed unexpectedly while transfer process is in progress from one device to another device, then there are chances of memory card corruption. Memory cards may also get corrupt due to power failure or by using bad batteries, that is your camera is indicating low battery and you are still taking the photo. At that time if your camera is switched off suddenly, then the memory card of that camera might get corrupt. If at all you have lost your precious photos from SD card, in such situations no need to worry. The Lexar photo recovery software explains you How to recover pics from formatted SD card?

Major scenarios for loss of Photos on SD card:

Virus attack: Virus infection is a very common threat to storage devices like SD cards. Viruses usually enter the computer from any files downloaded from fake websites. If you connect your SD card through card reader to computer, then there is a chance that memory card may gets infected by virus as it can spread to entire files in SD card and make them inaccessible, this may result in formatting.

Accidental formatting: Accidental formatting of SD card may result in photo loss .Let us consider a situation, you want to format a hard drive partition, but you unfortunately selected the other drive which is memory card and this might lead to large amount of photo loss.

Other reasons: Sometimes you may lose pictures from SD card because of file system corruption or sudden removal of SD card from system when transferring process is still in progress. This leads to corruption of file system and files in memory card, which in turn leads to large amount of photo loss.

Astonishing features of Lexar photo recovery software:

  • This software is capable to scan the SD in a couple of minutes and recovers pictures from it.
  • The application can even recover the pictures lost due to file corruption.
  • This software is capable to retrieve formatted photo files from SSD, SD, XD, XQD, MMC memory card very easily.