Erase Duplicate Contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3

Exited for getting new Samsung Galaxy S3? But when you try to import contacts from e mail, Gmail, address book, outlook and a lot more to your Samsung Galaxy 3 then you find there are numerous duplicate contacts following syncing. Finding hard to prevent duplication of contacts for the Samsung Galaxy 3? Thinking of how to cope with the duplicate connections? Deleting the same contacts one by one but what do you do if there are many contact lists?

Samsung Galaxy S3 gives a option to add connections from several accounts. Sometimes this might end up your phone with a number of duplicate contacts for each entry. If you happen to be having multiple duplicate contacts on the address book and feels messed up then do not worried you’ll be able to resolve this matter easily. Samsung Galaxy S3 has got an option which helps you to clean up the particular contact book by means of merging the repeated contacts into single contact. Your Samsung phone enables you to add contacts via multiple accounts such as Google account, phone accounts, SIM card accounts among others. If you enable sync on the Samsung phone after that your phone keeps on syncing each of the contacts and sometimes because multiplicity there in many cases are many duplicates for that entries on ones contact list.

How to erase duplicate contacts on Samsung Galaxy S3, this is the most common issue for the many of the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone users that have duplicate contacts on their phone. You can merge the duplicate contacts through the Samsung galaxy S3 manually by following not many simple steps that are mentioned here, through the home screen, tap for the Contacts icon. It opens the get in touch with screen, select the contacts press for the menu key that’s located at the screen plus it pops up the particular menu then tap on Contacts to display. It displays the contacts to display screen. You can select the phone icon to decide on the contact through the Samsung phone or can select the SIM icon to choose the contacts from the particular SIM card. You can view all the identical contacts are deleted ad the monitor displays only the particular non duplicate connections.

Sometimes you find it difficult to remove duplicate contacts from the Samsung galaxy S3 phone then you may turn on for that professional third party tool for support. If your solution is yes then suggestions right software regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 people to delete their duplicate contacts. This software supports to merge duplicate contacts based on the email, phone variety and name easily.

Removing duplicate contacts on Android

When you go on adding a more than one account on your Android phone after that duplicate contact develops. As these contacts are necessary then you are unable to delete the identical contacts particularly if the important information is attached with the contacts. The solution for this issue lies for the merging of the contacts that have the same data; if you merge two contacts you may place the data at one place. You can easily remove duplicate contacts through the Android using the third party software suggested above.