Top Rated USB Data Recovery Tool

File losses on account of accidental formatting and reformatting of USB is a very common and complex problem nowadays. Considering that USB drive holders keep valuable and precious files on their USB stick so they really couldn’t afford data losses occurring due to accidental format neither the corruptions of the USB drive. But, accidental formatting or reformatting of the USB drives are circumstances which simply happens with lots of USB drives users and then certainly they don’t have any possibility to spare data loss on USB drives sometimes.

So, how will you take care of important computer data saved in the USB drive, if formatted accidentally? Do you think that data losses resulting from the accidental formatting of USB stick reach to an irrecoverable or permanent loss condition? Well, that isn’t the situation probably up until the drive gets overwritten by another data or files. So, in the event, if you are not aware regarding the recovery of formatted USB drive then without delay download formatted

It’s the finest application to cope with all accidental USB flash drive, USB memory card, USB stick formatting incidents as well as efficiently recover all images, files, folders, movies, videos, etc, from this in spite of their type.

Note: To obtain back data from your formatted USB drive you shouldn’t allow over the writing of the drive at any cost. If this isn’t followed firmly then you are going to lose your entire important files forever.

Some Common Reasons that produces USB stick Corruption

  • Power failures, improper system shutdown, harmful electrical currents, etc. also cause USB stick corruption if not appropriately evicted the USB drive.
  • Unexpected or sudden interruptions within the file transferring process from USB to some other PC or from PC to USB bring about the corruption of USB drive.
  • Improper ejection methods, Virus attacks, mounting the USB flash drive to a virus infected system or transferring virus infected files also causes USB stick corruption.

For being proficient in the processes of recovering data from virus infected USB flash drive and from formatted USB flash drive follow the above link. It’ll direct you to the page wherein you’ll get an excellent tool to recover data from the corrupted USB drive. Employ this software when you planned to recover data from the formatted or corrupted USB drives.

Tricks to Efficiently and Quickly Recover Formatted Data

  • Remove your USB stick or drive to prevent overwriting whenever you come to realize that you’ve formatted an incorrect drive accidentally and desired to recover files from that.
  • You should avoid overwriting of the USB to make sure that all of the files within the formatted USB stick remain in the recoverable state.
  • Usage of a competent and trustworthy Data Recovery tool to recuperate files from your formatted USB stick is mush necessary. Unproductive and inappropriate recovery tool might make the recovery process complicated.
  • Do not set up the recovery tool on the same USB drive from which files have wandered off and you desired to recover every one of them.
  • All recovered files must be saved on the drive other than the formatted USB drive.

Flash Drive Not Recognized Windows 10


“I had some of the very rare live videos of my most favorite band “The Pink Floyd” and some of the important official documents. Dumbstruck! I do not know how to recover data from flash drive not recognized error. Can anybody recommend me an application which can recover non-recognized flash drive on Windows 10 keeping all the files intact?”

downloadAmong all the software that stands out among the rest is the Recover Windows which reacquires data very efficiently due to its easy-to-use GUI and is available free to download throughout the internet.
The Recover Windows is a complete recovery tool which can recover data that have been deleted from external drives, USB, Flash wipes, memory cards (SD, XD, MMC etc). It can recover data from RAID (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5) partitions and also from hard disk types (SATA, IDE, SCSI etc).
It has the ability to recover deleted data which had been deleted using SHFT+DEL and also recovers RAW format of an image from all popular formats(NEF, PEF etc) and also from manufacturers being Cannon, Nikon etc. It is compatible with multiple operating systems likes of Mac and Windows and even the latest versions including Windows 10.

The reasons leading to loss of data

• Flash drives contain a flash memory device to store the data, but it also has a limited lifespan of 10,000 read/write cycles. Once the read/write cycle is over the device becomes subject to various performance issues such as slow processing speed and even may be damaged.
• The files residing in the bad sectors of the drive can be subject to inaccessibility. There is also a situation in which due to the presence of too many bad sectors the complete drive needs to be formatted which renders corrupted files.
• Unintentional formatting of the drive erases the file contents completely thus leading to loss of data.
• Virus and malware pose a constant threat issue regarding the safekeeping of the files. Downloading content from malicious/unauthorized websites can incur virus inflictions thus rendering corrupt files and may also exhibit absurd behavior.
• Upgrading the files systems too frequently can cause the drive to get corrupted.
• Deleting the files using “SHFT+DEL” causes the files to get erased permanently bypassing the recycle bin.

Why Recover Windows over others?

The Recover Windows can recover files of all popular formats of audio, video, image, office documents etc from hard drive types of NTFS, FAT16, FAT32,exFAT and NTFS5 to name a few of them. It can recover from bad sectors of the drive.
The software allows Selective recovery of files by selecting the type of file to be recovered. The Preview tool allows the user to view the recovered files prior to saving them to their destination folder and the Find tool allows the user to cut down the search area by specifying the file name, extension, date modified, size and date created.

The Save recovery session enables the user to pause and save the recovery process so as to continue the process from thereon. The Open recovery session allows the user to open and continue from the instant the user left off thus cutting down the time elapsed in the repeated scanning of the entire device and also increases performance.

The First Try then Buy allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software from the internet and even preview the recovered files. But, saving them to their destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version which allows advanced and additional features.

Tool to Recover Lexar Flash drives in Effective Way

2573837_largeDid you lost files from Lexar Flash drive? Would you like to restore them? If it is so, then don’t panic, now you can get back lost as well as erased files from Lexar Flash drive, and it’s pretty simple. To know more about file restoration from Lexar Flash drive read this article carefully.

For the purpose of restoring files from Lexar Flash drive there is a useful tool, which is called as Lexar Card Recovery application. With the assistance of this application you can bring back the lost or erased files from Lexar Flash drive. In addition to Lexar Flash drives, this software can restore files from various brands of Flash drives, for example, SanDisk, Verbatim, Transcend etc. This remarkable application is included with a robust scanning engine, which scans the entire Lexar Flash drive in a brief time and restores lost or erased files from it. It can restore different kinds of files including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, DOC, DOCX etc.

How files get lost from Lexar Flash drive?

There are numerous reasons due to which files get lost from Flash drives, some important reasons are depicted here.

File system corruption: If the file system of Lexar Flash drives get damaged then files and other information which is saved in it turns inaccessible, and ultimately gets lost. File system mainly corrupts because of virus infection.

Mishandling of Flash drives: If Lexar Flash drives are not used in an appropriate manner i.e. if it is abruptly taken out from its host gadget then files will get lost.

Errors while transferring files: When you are transferring files from Flash drive to computer or vice versa, if some unexpected error takes place then there are possibilities of losing files from Lexar Flash drive.

As a result of these above depicted scenarios any vital files get lost from Lexar Flash drive; then take the assistance of this application and carry out Lexar Flash drive recovery.

Features of Lexar Card Recovery Application

This application can easily restore files from Lexar Flash drive on Windows based computers. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP etc. You can also work with all available versions of Mac OS including Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard and Leopard etc. With the assistance of this application you can restore files from different types of storage devices including SD cards, memory sticks, external hard drives etc. This application can restore more than 300 kinds of files, for example, audio files, video clips, Excel files, PDF files and Word files etc. If you have lost or deleted data from Lexar flash drive then to recover follow this link: It is a user friendly application, which is totally free from all sorts of threats like viruses and malignant programs.

Note: Check this out to know the features and reviews of Lexar Flash Drive.

Learn How to recover Lost Files from Flash Drive on Mac

Am using USB Flash disk having 4GB disk space formatted for Mac. This Flash disk got corrupted and now I don’t have an access to store my important files. The message displays on the screen prompt that the disk cannot be read and invite it to reformat it. Hence what I must do to? If I follow this message then all the files on the flash disk will go missing. Is there any Flash disk recovery Mac software to get back my files if I format the Flash disk? The answer is yes, you can restore all the lost data from the Flash disk on Mac by using this professional data recovery software. This read only and risk free Mac Flash drive recovery software helps to recover all the data of various scenarios.

No matter what kind of scenarios has caused your data loss on your USB flash disk, they can be easily recovered if you own this professional Flash disk recovery software on Mac. For Mac users, it is strongly recommend to make use of this software which has a powerful function to recover lost files from Flash drive on Mac operating system.

Let us know the factors that lead to the loss of data from the Flash disk on Mac

  • Deletion of precious data from the USB drives accidentally on Mac and cannot find them on the Trash folder.
  • Formatting the Flash disk through Mac OS X by accident.
  • Hard drive crash of the Flash disk.
  • Wrong partitioning the Flash drive without having the backup copy.
  • USB flash disk not recognized on the Mac system.
  • Virus intrusion.
  • Display of Flash drive format error.
  • USB drive format error.
  • Instant power supply when you are dealing with your USB Drive.
  • Pull USB Flash disk out from the Mac system.

Many of you will be using this Flash disk to keep the backup of other important files. Storing all the files on the Flash disk is very important to avoid any data loss problems in the future. However many reasons can result in huge loss of data from the Flash disk like the above mentioned scenarios. Don’t worry you’re lost data from the Flash disk can be easily recovered with the application like Mac Flash disk recovery software. Also it is highly advised to stop using the Flash disk immediately after encountering the data loss, no matter how the data get lost from the drive. Then use this USB disk recovery tool to recover you data.

Some of the salient features of this recovery software are mentioned below

This software helps you to recover files from the Flash disk loss due to accidental deletion, formatting, reformatting, formatting errors, bad sectors, virus attack and many more factors. It is the best recovery tool that helps to get back all the lost photos, videos, music files, documents, audios, from almost any of the Flash disk on Mac. It supports various files systems that include ExFAT, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, and HFSX.

Technique to Recover Photos from Lexar SD Card

“Recently I bought a new Sony digital camera device which has an external storage unit called Lexar SD card. Few days before when I was on trip with my friend I have captured some joyful images and videos through my Sony digital camera. But unfortunately I am unable to view any image or videos from Lexar SD card. I don’t know how I lost all my important images and video files from this Lexar SD card. Can anyone please suggest me solution to this blunder happened?”

No need to worry anymore because you are not only the one facing this type of data loss from Lexar SD cards. Lexar SD card users throughout the world have complained many scenarios about the loss of data from Lexar SD cards. You may lose data from Lexar SD card on account of many unexpected reasons. These data loss scenarios occur in your daily life due to some human errors and system errors. Usually all the camera devices have “Delete All” option, if unknowingly you select it while previewing the images then complete files will be erased.

Due to abrupt removal of Lexar SD card from digital camera device or any other digital media device will corrupt the file system of Lexar SD card which in turn force you to format Lexar SD card. Sometimes virus gets transferred into Lexar SD card once it is used in already infected computers. This virus infection corrupts all the data present in the Lexar SD card which in turn gets deleted or goes missing from Lexar SD card resulting into data loss scenario.

For safe recovery of all the lost or deleted images from Lexar SD card, don’t overwrite any sort of data or do not capture any images or video from digital camera devices after observing data loss or deletion from your SD card to avoid permanent loss of data. Use continuous power supply system to prevent any sort of interruption while recovering the lost or deleted data from Lexar SD cards.

If you have effectively followed all the safety measures as explained above then install this Lexar SD card photo recovery software to get back all the data lost or deleted from storage card with an ease. This awesome application is designed with unique algorithm which inspects each and every single sector of SD card and recovers a variety of files with help of unique file signature. This SD card picture recovery tool helps you recover photos from SD cards created with various types of file system. This application provides recovery from various brands of SD cards. You can install this application on different versions of Windows computers like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and many more. If you like the technical capability of this tool you can purchase full version in order to save the recovered image files from Lexar SD card.

Effective Way to Revive Data from Flash Drive

Are you an individual who are looking for a recovery tool as a way to lately lost data from a flash drive ? Here is the end of all your troubles associated with flash drive data restoration issues. Losing files from drive are not new in the present age, it is simply because if you walk around then you may discover many person who are suffering from data loss issue. Losing data is not important simply because you cannot prevent such things to take place. The thing matter is exactly what step you need to take to restore data successfully from flash drive. Whenever you lose data from flash drive then there’s merely a way by which you are able to successfully restore data from flash drive. The best way is restoration tool, here is you can utilize efficient revival tool of present moment named Lost Data Recovery with the aid of this tool it is possible to effectively bring back data from flash drive without difficulty.

Some popular features of this restoration tool:

  • Skilled to rescue lost data from formatted or reformatted drive.
  • Uses efficient scanning algorithm to revive lost videos, audios, pictures and documents
  • Proficient to bring back data from different storage devices like iPods, Sdcard, USB drives, hard disks, MMC cards and external hard disks.
  • Effective on both existing operating-system including Mac as well as Windows
  • Prior to revival, this tool gives you option to preview the recovered file.

Some loss of data scenarios from flash drive are:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion occurs in such a manner whenever a user deletes some crucial data from flash drive by accident while erasing worthless data from flash drive. It is happened when user find worthless files while previewing drive data and find out ineffective data inside the drive. Further user decides to remove unnecessary stuffs from flash drive but by accident user deletes various other essential data along worthless one.
  • Unplanned formatting: It is happened once the user faces an error message while accessing flash drive. If it has happened then it is must to format flash drive unwillingly. When you format flash drive then all data within drive is erased.
  • Inappropriate ejection: Whenever you eject connected flash drive when it’s performing read write operation then it may result in file system corruption. If it happens you then become incapable to use drive data further, leading to severe loss of data.
  • Virus infection: Virus may affect the data within flash drive. It is happened whenever you connect flash drive to a virus infected system. Once you do this then there is a possibility of a virus attack on system. Once it takes place then it could make drive data unreachable for additional use.
  • Interruption of transferring process: Once you relocate data from flash drive to any other drive and in meanwhile if there is any interruption occurs then it may result in corruption of data.

For those who have lost data from flash drive on account of any of the above listed scenarios then there’s no requirement to think that you can’t restore data from flash drive. Here in all the previously discussed reasons of data loss you can make utilization of Lost Data Recovery tool and successfully retrieve flash drive data without difficulty.