Powerful Formatted USB Drive Recovery at Attractive Prices

USB drive or USB flash drives are the external data storage drives which are portable and attachable in nature. You can store all types of images, movies, videos, documents, PDF files, compressed files on a USB drive. They are also available at a different affordable prices and sizes. Whenever, the file system of a USB drive gets damaged, inaccessible or corrupted we do formatting. Technically formatting is a method of deleting entire data present on a drive. It can be a USB drive, hard disk drive, memory card, etc. USB drive formatting or a drive formatting is done in order to remove all infections, damages from it and make a corrupted USB drive healthy and working once again.

Now if,  you want to retrieve data from a formatted USB drive on Mac then you will have to employ Mac USB data recovery software.  It has also explained several causes of USB drives getting infected, damaged and corrupted. And also all the steps to recover data from formatted USB drive are mentioned within this site.

Note: To avoid data loss issues due to formatting a USB drive you must take back up of all the files before you format it. So, that in case if, you lose any file or data after USB drive formatting, then it can be recovered from the backup you took just to spare data losses.

Myth and Remedy Related to USB Drive Formatting 

There is a myth among user about formatting that, data lost after USB drive formatting reaches to an irrecoverable state and USB drive recovery cannot be performed by any means. Same is the case with some other actions conducted on USB drive like reformatting, accidental formatting and reformatting. Dear readers this is merely a myth!!!!


Truth is that whenever some files are lost due formatting of the drive then they are not permanently lost until and unless they are overridden. A overwriting is the only situation where you end up in troubling state and any of the missing file which had got over written by another data could not be recovered. Whereas all those files which are still in a non- overridden state on Mac can be certainly recovered. If you want to recover USB flash drive after format on Mac then try a skilled and qualified USB data recovery Mac tool.

Some User Liked Features of Mac USB Data Recovery Software Tool

  • Mac USB Data Recovery Software is a convenient tool which contains plenty of solid and advanced algorithms to remove bad sectors, corruptions on USB drive and resolves all the issues related to them completely.
  • Mac USB Data Recovery software will also salvage data from inaccessible drives on Mac and supports multiple Mac OSX versions as well.
  • It easily recovers missing data, files, folders, etc. from a formatted, reformatted, partitioned, repartitioned USB drives.
  • Performs well on all versions of Mac OSX like Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. as on Windows without failing.  

Best Way to Recover Formatted Drive Data

Due to advancement in technology every computer system consists of storage media. These storage media are recognized as hard disk drives because they provide huge storage capacity, which can be partitioned according to your requirement. Making use of drives you’ll be able to store data like official documents, audio files, disk image files and many more.

Because of some unwanted conditions like unexpected elimination of HDD from PC, virus assault, power surge and a lot of other reasons could potentially cause damage to the file system of hard disk drive. If damage of file system occurs, then you certainly won’t be able to make use of data saved in hard drive and will also be left with only choice to format hard drive. Formatting of hard disk drive will delete your data stored on hard disk drive. In such situation you will end up worrying about your significant files stored on hard disk drive. To get back lost data after formatting hard drive you’ll be searching for exclusive file recovery software that can help you recover data lost from system drive.

In case you have experienced loss of data from your computer hard disk drive due to unintended formatting then just relax, you don’t need to worry anymore simply because you are in right spot for remedy for your trouble. Utilize HDD recovery tool that is certainly specially designed to extract data from formatted drives without trouble. This awesome drive recovery software program is inbuilt with exclusive recovery tactics that scans almost every memory sector of hard disk drive in order to retrieve data from formatted drives. There are many situations where you have to format computer drives, for example:

  • Recurrent power failure: Usually, it occurs you may face frequent computer power down due to power collapse. In case your computer doesn’t have UPS unit that avoids unexpected PC shutdown then the file system of hard disk drive of computer will gets damaged resulting OS collapse. Hence to be able to reboot operating-system you have to format the hard drive and install fresh operating-system.
  • Virus contamination: In certain scenarios you can also make use of some hard drive for copying important file from desktop or laptop on your system hard disk drive. If you copy data from virus contaminated system then harmful viruses may also infect the files saved in hard drive causing data loss situation.

 A few of the popular features of hard drive file recovery software are:

  • Hard drive recovery application has potential to recover lost files from formatted hard drive.
  • This trouble free tool has capacity to retrieve files lost because of bad sector.
  • Hard drive restoration software can recover lost data from different brands of computer drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Iomega, Transcend, etc.
  • Beside Windows OS versions this utility will also support Mac OS editions like Mac Lion, Mac Mountain Lion and many more.
  • You can preview every single file after completion of recovery procedure.
  • This software is provided free from virus and malware.


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Note: To save recovered data you must activate this software to full edition.