2012 Non-Retina MacBook Is the Apple’s Best Selling Laptop

A non-Retina MacBook Pro which was introduces in 2012 is still leading as a bestselling laptop of Apple and it is most compelling. It has the features of a thin MacBook Air. It is also a thinner MacBook and its displays are looking gorgeous. The battery backup is excellent and it will not last soon.

maxresdefault2012 MacBook has any post-purchase customizability level and is the only computer which Apple has sold ever. In order to remove tiny bits of waste from internal chassis, the new 2015 MacBook was engineered. For you to tinker 2012 MacBook Pro has plenty of space inside it, as it was in MacBook Airs and other stunning Retina MacBook Pros. The other advantage of 2012 MacBook is you can repair it easily, whereas it is not easy in other models of Apple.

Now let us look at why 2012 Non-Retina MacBook is been sold the most. This standard MacBook Pro has an optical disc drive or DVD drive and any sort of drives are available. Ethernet port is available only in this laptop. Also Firewire is available only in this laptop. These feature may be useful to you are not, but these features are not available in other laptops of Apple. So keeping these features in your laptop is worthy.

The price of a basic model is $1,099, if you apply an extra $150, then you can get additional 2.9 GHz dual core Intel i7 processor. Adding this will make your laptop better than the new models and also the new laptops of Apple are more expensive.

If the DVD drive is not useful to you then you can remove it out or can replace it with another hard drive. The CEO of iFixIt Kyle Wiens says that “Most folks replace their optical drive with an SSD”. This model has 1 TB spinning drive as well as 256 GB SSD, which is the cheapest one. Standard RAM is used by this computer, so 16 gigs of it can be purchased and pop it in few couple of minutes and can make your computer very faster.

A cofounder of Tumblr, Marco Arment says “It’s an open secret among Apple employees that the [computer] still sells surprisingly well, to a nearly tragic degree, given its age and mediocrity”. He also says “As we’ve progressed toward thinner, lighter, more integrated Macs, we’ve paid dearly in upgradeability, versatility, and value”.

Using Android on the Desktop

On the planet android is the most popular mobile OS and OS is brought to cars, televisions and watches. Form the report of The Wall Street Journal, Google will bring Android to another form factor as soon as possible: laptops and desktop computers. For a mouse and keyword, re-architecting Android is going to require major changes to the smartphone operating system, but today most of the people realize that Android is actually much farther along that path.

screen480x480For desktop OS, the biggest affordance the Android makes is that it supports mouse and keyboard. Any of the Android devices can be paired with a Bluetooth. If you need a wired route, then you just need to plug in a mouse and keyboard via a USB OTG cable and a USB hub. With a keyboard and mouse, some OEMs even build Android devices like the Asus Transformer series, which is a convertible laptop that runs Android.

Mouse support:

Plug in or pair your mouse with an Android device when you want to play at your home and you will get a mouse cursor. The second you connect the mouse you will get a familiar black arrow will pop up and also you can adjust the pointer speed.

The interaction of the mouse treats like a “virtual finger“, to a screen tap a single left-click map is pretty easily. So by tapping on an app will enable to launch it and it works perfectly. Sometimes it will ask you to replicate the finger swipe with a mouse that means clicking and dragging on the screen. The mouse can therefore be interpreted as asking the open Android application by clicking and dragging and it is done to do two things one is highlight text and other is swipe.

Click right:

The right click is supported by the base operating system and none of the OS interface uses it. It the usual copy/cut/paste menu would show up for the right-clicking text then it would be great and the right click on the home screen icon then obviously you can see options for “remove icon”, “view app info” and “uninstall app”. Touch interface of the Android has a secondary context action similar to right click the long press.


To the Android connect a physical keyboard and it will just work. From multiple keyboard layouts, the settings can be picked and extra button can be added to the bottom navigation bar to enable or disable the keyboard software. Shortcuts of the keyboard can also be worked such as the ctrl and “C”, “X” and “V” to perform copy, cut and paste. Also ctrl + “Z” or “Y” can be done to do undo and redo.

Microsoft Set Limits for Controlling Adware

What actually Microsoft trying to do:MicrosoftCracking down the Adware techniques are yet to start on March 31, 2016 as the goals to remove this Middle in man superfish are already set by a Microsoft, which is one of the leading Brand Company in IT sector. These programs create multiple ads on the website which are created by the users with their own choice and decision. So finally for the protection like change DNS settings will be categorized as malware by Microsoft and blocked these websites. Injection by proxy or network layer manipulation can also be terminating by the Microsoft.

Microsoft finally decided to set limits for an adware as these programs are not restrict to one single browser as it redirect you to many websites which really creates disturbance between the system and internet browser. So to avoid this, Microsoft has decided to crack down the growth of Adware as many tools are available which helps to remove these ads on the website as it has become major issue and also this software become more due to imbalance of proxy servers on the internet.

What is an Adware?

Some programs which are designed and developed with an intention that it should attract the users and grasp the users to their websites and these programs are post on the different websites as an advertisement purpose, thus these programs are terms as ‘Adverse’.  Sometime these programs are planned by the hackers, as the freedom is equally there for every single user to create their own website and made advertise for that website. So it is little bit danger as hackers can easily tracked you with these adverse programs.

These programs must supports only browser but in addition to this, it will take you to executing, enabling, disabling, extensibility supported, model for installation, removal and many more things are usually carry out by this adware programs as Microsoft declared clearly in the blog post. It is mostly depending on the choice and selection of the users, so Microsoft is planning to protect in order to safeguard their website.

“Each of these techniques and the programs cut off the communication between the internet and PC by adding multiple advertisements in to web pages redirecting to their web pages instantly. So our main motto will be to control these malware to web safeguard the browsing experience of the users.” Microsoft clearly stated.

Most recent talk about the Dell, it also declared the controlling of advertisements on the web browser from August 2015 and this were equipped with a root certificate known as eDellRoot, Which an intentionally security vulnerability introduced.

Play Pc’s Games on TV without Any Hardware or Special Software

maxresdefaultAs there is not much needed to wait for Valve’s stream machines, simply connect your Windows computer gaming PC to the television which you are willing to play on it and use powerful PC graphics card. With this, you can able to play the games of the computer on the TV in the living room without any difficulty. Here you need not require any hardware or any special software for playing off the games on the TV screen.

It is not common thing as if you’re the PC gamer, who like to play the games of the computer on the large screen. Now it is possible and also it is much convenient as if you desire play games for continuously more number of time.

How HDMI Cables and Controllers get Useful in Playing Games?

Before knowing how this HDMI cable is useful for playing games on TV, it is needed to know about HDMI cable, so that you can understand the concept of using HDMI cables. HDMI cable is very much useful to connect your PC to your television. For this, you require ports for inserting the cables for playing games on television. An internal port for the television and external port for the computer system is much needed when you are planning to play games on the TV’s screen. For this, it requires a PC with HDMI-out, a TV with HDMI-in, and an HDMI cable. Modern TVs and PCs have had HDMI built in for years, so you should not require connecting it again, just carried out simply.

In some cases, you may not find a spare HDMI cable, and then it is needed to opt for buying one or repurpose one of your existing HDMI cables. All HDMI cables are quite same so, Just don’t opt for buying the expensive HDMI cables as your work can be carried out with a cheap HDMI cable also. So make use of HDMI cables instead of costlier ones, so that you can save much more.

Sometimes your TV and PC may be at far distance from each other in different rooms; this won’t work for you to play the games of your computer on the larger screen of the TV. Laptops can carry to the required places as it is portable device, if you have such a reasonably powerful laptop, you can just plug that into your TV and even you can unplug your desktop PC and hook it up next to your TV. This how you can make use of it in a simple way.

In this present day, the Xbox 360 controller is the stated as the ideal controller for PC gaming. Connect an Xbox One Wireless Controller to a PC as it is natively supported by the Windows for these controllers and these controllers; many multiple PC games are designed. Some drivers not allowed Xbox One controllers to supports on Windows because Microsoft hasn’t released drivers for them.

How to Automatically Turn on a Computer at a Schedule Time?

In this new era of technology, people are likely to complete their tasks automatically. Many things are made to perform automatically as it will involve benefits like with the help of this option, you can do the task at right time and also complete task at right time. Due to these automatic option, human efforts towards the work will be less and the work is perfectly done without any maximum error as it perform task depends on the parameters given by the users to the machine. This is simply done by giving program to the machine.how to schedule computer to turn on

As similar case, users who operate computer system may have wishes to perform the task automatically, form this effort gets reduces and users may feel relaxed. For such users, Windows come up with a solution for shutting down and also for turning ON computer without the involvement of the users. It is possible case, so in this article, I would like to tell about the procedure of how to automatically turn on a computer at a schedule time? It is very interesting and also knowledgeable because in many cases, we may requires performing task automatically. For this, just need to add schedule the task to be performed. So at the scheduled time, Computer system gets ON and also for the given time, this machine get shut down. Check this out procedure how to schedule timing for turning ON and OFF position of computer machine.

Procedure for scheduling computer system for automatic shut down and turns ON position:

  • In the start menu, search for the control panel. If you find it then hit it and open the control panel.
  • As you open control panel, you will get displayed control panel page which consists of many options.
  • In all of them, opt for System and Security. Click it and open with the help of mouse click.
  • Now after this, search for the Administrative Tools, which is present in the System and Security of the Control panel.
  • Free space, Defragment your hard drive, view event log, Schedule tasks are the four options that are appear in the administrative tool. Then out of these four, select Schedule tasks.
  • Select Trigger from the tag available at the desktop after clicking for schedule task.
  • Create new schedule task by selecting new option which is available at right side of the tool bar
  • When you select new option for creating schedule task in the task manager, you may asked by the computer to fill the following items like New, Edit, Delete.
  • Select new and give the task to be performed either turning ON or shutting down of the computer system.
  • Schedule it by allotting proper time and then select OK after giving time and date.

This is how you can easily automate turning ON and shutting down of the computer system, as it is easy. Follow the procedure stated above in this article which may help you in easy way of performing this specific task in right time and date.

Why Auto Shutdown PC Windows 8 Necessary

Shutdown of computer is compulsory to work computer effectively. The main advantage when you shutdown system is a proper way. When you shutdown system in a proper way then it lead to improvement of system performance. It is the one side of the coin the another side of the coin is when you don’t shutdown system after finishing work then it might affect  system performance or it might damage system parts. Such a state need to pay extreme attention, here in such a condition you can make use of one of the skilled tool of current time named Remo More. With the help of this tool you can shutdown system in an improper way.  This tool is one of the skilled tools and designed by the group of software expertise.

Let’s know more of some condition where the machine might go to nonproductive state and how it might damage computer system. Suppose you’re the person, who is actually downloading a movie through web. The file is too large so you don’t know that how much time it’ll need to complete. Often it is situated that user leaves the machine in a running position and sometimes it’s occurred that system commences following finishing point of downloading of file. Here in this situation if it even now in idle state then it leads to heavy power loss or it might affect system performance too. Sometimes it has occurred that user put the machine in a sleep mode, when you keep system in sleep more then it still takes power until is completely wiped out.

When the system starts for long time in a way then it might result in numerous issues like dilemma with system memory, cables are not properly attached to your motherboard, issues with your registry, hard drive working degrades, etc. To overcome from this issue in advance, you need to opt above mentioned tool named Remo More. With this tool you could possibly schedule the computer for shutdown at any favored time. This tool is built with highly influencing algorithm and appreciated by the industrial expert. It is not all as you can check that its rating is also excellent. In case you are an individual who is going through the same situation and looking out market place for an effective place then there is no need to roam further you can make use of the Remo tool and schedule your system for auto shutdown. By making the effective use of this tool you might auto shutdown PC Windows 8 computer too.