Easy Way to Recover Corrupted Card

Today memory cards have become most popular because of its necessity in the various digital devices like smart phones, digital cameras, iPods, camcorders etc. Memory cards have capacity to store different kinds of data on it like image, audio, video, documents etc. There are different types of memory cards which are available such as SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, Mini & Micro SD, Memory sticks, etc.

Memory cards may get corrupted due to many reasons but once you encounter card corruption issue then it will not allow you to access the data from memory card and in such case most of the users go for card formatting. If you have taken back up then its fine, if you have not taken back up of your data then there may be chance to lose huge amount of data from your memory card. If you’re facing corrupted card issue then no need to worry because corrupted card recovery is possible by making use of corrupted card recovery software.

Scenarios of data loss from memory card

  • File System Corruption: Due to severe virus attack sometime file system of the memory card may get corrupted. File system plays a very important role to maintain and access files from memory cards and once the file system is corrupted then it will not allow you to access data from memory card.
  • Abrupt Removal of Memory Card: Most of the time it has been noticed that users remove memory cards abruptly from digital devices. Once you remove the memory card abruptly then your memory card may get corrupted.
  • Power Surge: If you are previewing memory card data on computer, during this course of action if sudden power loss encounters then there may be chance of memory card corruption.
  • Other reasons: Sometimes it is noticed that if the memory card has been used in multiple device to transfer data then there may be chance of memory card corruption due to interruption.

Features of corrupted card recovery

  • Corrupted card recovery software has strong scanning algorithm which helps the user to recover lost data from memory card within short period of time.
  • This application is capable to recover data from formatted memory cards.
  • This utility has capacity to recover lost data from different brands of memory cards like Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, Transcend etc.
  • This tool uses strong scanning algorithm to examine and locate files based on unique signature.
  • Corrupted card recovery software is capable of retrieving over 300 types of files from memory cards.
  • This application is capable to restore data from external hard drives, USB drives, pen drives etc.
  • This tool perfectly runs on Windows Operating system as well as Mac OS like Mac OS Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Leopard.
  • Once the lost data is recovered from memory card then it will provide the facility to “Preview” the recovered data before going to purchase full version of software.

Perform Recovery of Crucial Data from Memory Chip With 100% Success Rate

“Few days before I wasn’t able access my memory card via computer. Whenever I connect my memory card to computer system then there came up an error message on monitor like “Drive needs to format”. After coming across this type of error message, I was thinking the way to get back my crucial that was there within the memory card. I knew that here in this kind of situation formatting is must, but when I go for formatting then all the data inside the memory card is erased. I was searching forward for a revival tool that can help me to bring back lost data from formatted memory card. After a long effort, finally I managed to get a tool named Crucial Data Recovery tool. With the aid of this tool I effectively recovered data from formatted memory card without difficulty.”

If you are encountering same condition and lost data from memory chip then you can definitely utilize this tool and effective restore data from memory chip effortlessly.

Some top features of this tool are:

  • It is competent to retrieve data from different memory cards like MMC, SD, SDHC, XD, Thumb drive etc.
  • With the aid of this tool, it is possible to restore various kinds of data files from memory chip including videos, audios, photos and so forth.
  • It is competent to revive over 300 file formats from memory chip on Windows as well as Mac
  • This tool is competent to restore data files based on various intact file signatures including size, date, name and file type extensions.
  • It supports recovery of data from various existing memory chips brands like SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, Kingston, etc. For further detail, you can check this link: http://crucialdatarecovery.net/

Some most found data loss situations from memory chip are listed below:

  • Sudden shutdown system, when connected memory chip is performing some read write operation.
  • Virus relocation into memory chip may result in corruption of data, it is taken place whenever you connect memory chip to virus infected laptop or computer
  • Removal of memory chip while chip is utilizing for read write operation, it could result in file system corruption. You might get formatting error message next after doing so.
  • Unintentional deletion of files from memory chip may lead to loss of data. It is happened whenever you delete files from memory chip in bulk. It may result in deletion of other crucial files, leading to severe data loss.
  • Formatting connected memory chip by accident rather than formatting other connected drive may result in data loss from memory chip.

After losing data because of any of the above-mentioned data loss reasons, you can make utilization of Crucial Data Recovery tool and reunite vital data in no matters of time. However, if you wish to restore data efficiently then there is t a safety measure you must have to check out. Whenever you lose data from memory chip then it is suggested do not utilize the chip further. It could result in overwriting state, once it is overwritten then you cannot restore data back whatever it takes. Before overwriting, you can make usage of this tool and effectively retrieve vital files from memory chip.