How to Make Use of the Offline Activation Key?

Activation Key or Product Key is a particular software based key, which confirms that the utility copy is original. This activation key provides consumers of the tool with much more features in respect to the trial version of the application. Generally activation is available in two formats that are online activation key and offline activation key. Activation keys whether be offline or online consist of a sequence of numbers and/or characters. This Remo Recover software provides both of the versions i.e. offline and online activation key.

Remo Recover facilitates offline activation key so that, if consumer of the application are incapable of getting the online activation key, then they can opt for offline activation key. It is comparatively easy to get in comparison to online activation key. Let me guide you can generate the offline activation key and make use of the software in optimal way. Users get the option to purchase the key for Windows version once they click on next button after selecting path for the recovery folder or the other way to open the Registration window of the software is by making use of the “Register” option available over the software screen. Once you get the Registration window screen, select the “Enter Key” option from the available options on the monitor.

As you click on the “Enter Key” option it will take you to next screen, which will ask you to opt for either the “Online Activation” or “Offline Activation”. Here you need to choose “Offline Activation”. After you opt for “Offline Activation” utility will take you to next screen, where you are supposed to select “I need the unlock code” and click on next button. In the very next step you need to click on “E-mail Machine Code”. As you click on this option outlook profile will automatically open which would be having “” at the receiver address. In case you don’t have synchronized Outlook profile with your email account, copy the machine code and send it at As this email is received by the support team of “Remo Software”, it will send you an activation key at your sender email account.

Just as you get the activation key from the tech support, click back button and choose the radio button depicting “I have an unlock code”. After selecting the required option, hit on the next button, which would take you to the window screen, which needs the activation key send by the support team member. As soon as you click on the next button after pasting the activation key, your product gets activated. In case your activation key doesn’t work resend a mail to support staff. Here, I would also like to mention that, the activation key send is only for the system on which activation key was generated. I do hope you may have found outcome to your question “How to activate Remo Software (Offline Activation) Windows?” For any other kind of query, consult support staff which is available 24X7.