How to retrieve lost songs on iPod?

iPod is a handy media player device which stores large media data like photos, songs, games, video, etc. It can store up to 160 GB of digital information in its flash memory. iPod is frequently used to play audios and videos. You can always carry huge quantity of songs and videos in iPods. Music files on iPod is managed and organized from iTunes library.

  • Improper data synchronization – While syncing the information from iPod to iTunes, in case there are any interruptions or improper synching of data it can result in data corruption or data loss easily.
  • Use of iPod in low battery condition – While transferring the files from iPod somewhere drive-thru iTunes, if the iPod goes off on account of low battery then your files that are being transferred will become corrupt and unreadable causing decrease of those files.
  • File system corruption: File system manages and organizes files in iPod devices but sometimes file system on the device may get corrupted due to some unknown errors and you may encounter error message like “iTunes.exe-corrupt file” which does not allow to access files from iPod, hence data loss.
  • Mishandling of iPod: Pulling out iPod devices from PC while transferring files or when copying process is in progress then it comes out with data loss.

There may be many reasons that result in various loss of files from iPods as mentioned above.

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