Get Ready to Retrieve Deleted Images

Images lives more than words and a single image resemble a hundred words. So we love to have images and store them to refresh the memories. Many a times we feel that our dreams have bloomed to form pictures. I remember the day when we were walking through the woods, my friend was happily snapping pics as she walks besides me. All of a sudden she started screaming. Actually it was a mistake that she made while trying to delete a picture, accidently she pressed on delete all key and none of the pic were left. It was a small mistake and I told her to remove the memory card and don’t save any more images on it, so that we can recover deleted pictures.

Many times our photos or image files are lost due to mistakes or unexpected tragadies.many of us are ignorant on how the stored images are lost from our computer, memory cards, pen drives or even from our cameras. Let as have a brief look over the different reasons that cause our image files to be lost and it will surely help to decrease data loss.

Different ways in which image files are deleted

Following points discuss some of the mistakes or unexpected incidents that cause image loss from our computers or storage devices

  • Accidental deletion of images from lexar memory card or pen drive, similarly in the case of removing junk files from it.
  • Abrupt removal of Lexar pen drive while transferring image from pen drive to hard drive by using cut and paste operation, this may cause images present in lexar storage devices to get deleted.
  • The defragmentation of lexar memory card or lexar pen drive can cause deletion of images stored in them
  • There are many chances of accidental deletion of images from lexar pen drive or memory card when the user is trying to remove junk files
  • There are chances of image files to get deleted if memory card or pen drive is pulled out abruptly while the data transfer process is still continued.
  • Many of the times picture files get erased during partitioning or repartitioning of hard disk drive
  • Image files present in memory card or pen drive get deleted if these devices are infected by virus, which mainly occurs because of connecting Lexar devices to infected PC.

Above discussed are few causes of image loss. Whether these images are lost permanently? It is the main doubt that should be cleared for many of the memory card users. Modern technology has grown to that extent it can recover deleted pictures with the help of a third party photo recovery tool. It is our choice to select the best recovery tool and always choose the one that perfectly matches our needs. Here I suggest a image file recovery software called Lexar Image Rescue that can overcome all the major and minor picture loss scenarios.

Features that make the image recovery application special

  • It is one the best picture recovery tool that recovers erased pictures from memory cards, pen drives, memory sticks, external hard drives etc. Also it can restore the image files from formatted hard disc or any other devices.
  • The application is very fast such that it can recover the deleted or lost image files in few minutes·
  • The application is highly talented to recover images of any formats like JPEG, JPG,TIFF, JIFF, RAW, CR2, DNG, PEF, SR2, NEF and many others captured with DSLR/SLR cameras·
  • This tool can sort the recovered photos on the basis of size, type, date. It is able to store the recovered data as compressed zip achieves in order to save the disk space·
  • Lexar Image Rescue software has a save recovery option that helps the user to resume the scanning process from the particular location were the scanning was stopped before.

These are some of the brilliant features of the application that helps the user to recover deleted pictures. The performance of this application will really entertain all the users in recovering their image files and all users can enjoy the application by downloading the trial version of software from