How to Automatically Turn on a Computer at a Schedule Time?

In this new era of technology, people are likely to complete their tasks automatically. Many things are made to perform automatically as it will involve benefits like with the help of this option, you can do the task at right time and also complete task at right time. Due to these automatic option, human efforts towards the work will be less and the work is perfectly done without any maximum error as it perform task depends on the parameters given by the users to the machine. This is simply done by giving program to the to schedule computer to turn on

As similar case, users who operate computer system may have wishes to perform the task automatically, form this effort gets reduces and users may feel relaxed. For such users, Windows come up with a solution for shutting down and also for turning ON computer without the involvement of the users. It is possible case, so in this article, I would like to tell about the procedure of how to automatically turn on a computer at a schedule time? It is very interesting and also knowledgeable because in many cases, we may requires performing task automatically. For this, just need to add schedule the task to be performed. So at the scheduled time, Computer system gets ON and also for the given time, this machine get shut down. Check this out procedure how to schedule timing for turning ON and OFF position of computer machine.

Procedure for scheduling computer system for automatic shut down and turns ON position:

  • In the start menu, search for the control panel. If you find it then hit it and open the control panel.
  • As you open control panel, you will get displayed control panel page which consists of many options.
  • In all of them, opt for System and Security. Click it and open with the help of mouse click.
  • Now after this, search for the Administrative Tools, which is present in the System and Security of the Control panel.
  • Free space, Defragment your hard drive, view event log, Schedule tasks are the four options that are appear in the administrative tool. Then out of these four, select Schedule tasks.
  • Select Trigger from the tag available at the desktop after clicking for schedule task.
  • Create new schedule task by selecting new option which is available at right side of the tool bar
  • When you select new option for creating schedule task in the task manager, you may asked by the computer to fill the following items like New, Edit, Delete.
  • Select new and give the task to be performed either turning ON or shutting down of the computer system.
  • Schedule it by allotting proper time and then select OK after giving time and date.

This is how you can easily automate turning ON and shutting down of the computer system, as it is easy. Follow the procedure stated above in this article which may help you in easy way of performing this specific task in right time and date.