How to restore files from External hard disk on Windows 10

Worried about data recovery from external hard drive on windows 10?

Here is an impeccable solution which recovers files from all renowned external hard drives with just a few clicks. The Recover Windows is one of the most complete and integrated tools which are compatible with multiple operating systems like Mac and Windows including their latest versions and also Windows 10.

5 Steps to Recovery

  1. Download the Free version of the software by clicking on Download Now from the website, which downloads a setup file which is in ‘.exe’ format.
  2. Click on the downloaded file and then after specifying the location of installation, Click Install.
  3. The main screen appears with three different options being Recover Files, Recover Drives and Recover Photos. Select Recover Drive and click Next.
  4. After selecting the drive which is to be recovered, click Next. After the scanning process is complete, the previews of the recovered files are displayed.
  5. Saving the files to their desired destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version. Post completion of the subscription process, the user can save the recovered files.

External hard drive recovery

The recover Windows can recover files from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS5 drives. It allows the user to reach out for the lost file throughout the disk drive using the Find tool.

The files can be viewed on the basis of file extensions using File Type View and in a hierarchical format using the Data View. The Preview tool allows the user to view the recovered files prior to saving them to their desired destination folder.

The recovered files are displayed in an organized manner. It recovers files from RAID partitions (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5).

Why Recover Windows?

  • The Find enables the user to reach out for the lost files and is displayed in an ordered format.
  • The recovered files can be archived to ZIP format so as to save disk storage space.
  • The recovered files can be viewed on the grounds of a name, date, file extension and size.
  • The Save Recovery Session allows the user to pause and store the progress of the recovery session. This allows the user to bypass the repeated scanning of the entire drive which can be annoying, tiresome and time-taking.
  • The Open Recovery Session enables the user to open the saved recovery session and continue from the instant where the user discontinued.
  • The First Try then Buy allows the user to initially download the Free version of the software from the internet. The user can also proceed with the recovery process post-completion of the installation procedure. The user can even view the recovered files, but saving the files to their desired destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version of the software.
  • The software allows Selective Recovery where the user can recover some specified file which may be more significant rather than others. This saves time elapsed so as to search and recover all the files.


Scenarios leading to file loss from the External Hard drive

There are many reasons which lead to loss of files from the external hard drive.

  • Virus and malware are a point of concern so as to maintain the security and integrity of the files stored on the drive.
  • Downloading malicious content from the unauthorized websites can cause the files to get lost and even result in inaccessible hard drives.
  • Frequently upgrading the file systems using third-party utilities can render the external hard drive as inaccessible.
  • Presence of too many bad sectors on the external hard drive may require them to be formatted, which results in loss of files.
  • Ejection of the drive while the transfer process is in-transit.