Learn How to Recover Deleted Photos

Have you ever struck with the situation where you deleted all your precious pictures from the drive? Did you delete the pictures accidentally rather than deleting unwanted pictures from the camera card?  Are you searching for the way to know how to recover deleted pictures? Looking for the reliable software to get back deleted pictures? If your answer is yes then read this tutorial completely and get the solution for all your queries on a recovery of deleted pictures.

Picture recovery is possible because whenever you perform the deletion operation from your device only the memory space with the file occupied is marked as null and is still available for reuse to store new files. And the deleted file still remains intact until and unless any new file is not overwritten by a new file. Deleted picture recovery software is one of the ultimate tools that effectively supports to recover all the deleted pictures without affecting the original file. Get more details on how to rescue photos by this link- www.rescuephotos.net/

Distinctive functionalities of deleted photo recovery software

This deleted photo recovery software is totally safe and convenient to use as it only read-only application. Photo recovery software is developed with advanced file search scanning to successfully restore digital pictures deleted due to logical error from storage devices including Micro SD, MMC, SD, SDHC, XD and much more. With the support of this photo recovery software, you can recover the RAW images that are unprocessed images with ease.

Let’s have a look at some common factors that lead to deletion of photos

  • Operate wrongly: Deletion of photos occurs due to the improper operation like restoring factory settings without backup, turning from the mobile phone when it’s in the process of transferring, put same memory cards on different digital cameras, improper removal of the memory card when your camera is on, etc
  • Deletion of photos with the key combination of Shift + Delete button in Windows system or Shift  + Command + Delete keys in Mac computer
  • Accidentally pressed on Delete All button while previewing photos on a camera
  • If you have a sudden power surge as well as abrupt turn off of the device during file transfer process can cause deletion of photos
  • If you remove cables from digital camera abruptly from the system during transfer of photo files then it results in deletion of photos stored on it

Download this standard photo recovery software to recover all deleted photos with just a few clicks. This photo recovery software assists you to in recovering photos if you are searching for the solutions to following issues like how do I restore deleted photos by camera card? How to restore deleted photos by USB drive? Is there any method to restore photos from the compact flash drive? I inadvertently deleted photos from my storage drive, how to recover deleted pictures?

Important tips

  • Don’t forget to  keep back up of essential photos
  • Be cautious while processing deletion operation
  • Avoid making use of same memory on many devices

Ultimate Way to Recover Photos from Mac

Mac is one of the Operating System developed by Apple Corporation; Mac OS is most famous because of its graphical interface and also for its robust nature. Mac OS contains all the basic features of Windows OS and in addition to primitive multitasking, protected memory, multiprocessing and many more. Some of the popular Mac OS’s are Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Usually, like other Operating Systems Mac OS also has some common data loss scenarios that may be due to many reasons. Data loss includes files, photos, software etc. if you lost any photo from Mac then don’t be worry because photo recovery Mac is quite simple now. By making use of the most effective tool called as Mac photo recovery you can completely recover all your deleted or lost photos from Mac volumes.

Photo loss scenarios from Mac

  • Accidental Formatting: When you connect a device to your system then sometimes there may be a chance to format it accidentally by using format option, which results in photo loss.
  • File Transfer: While data transmission takes place between system and removable device, if sudden system shut down encounters then that results in photo file loss.
  • Abrupt Removal of Memory card: This kind of problem exists when memory card removes abnormally from card readers or digital cameras.
  • Third party tool: Most of the time memory cards get infected by the virus; in such case, if you scan it from any third party anti-virus than which results in loss of photos.

Features of Mac photo recovery

  • By making use of this most effective software for photo recovery you can recover photos of different file formats.
  • This software also supports to recover RAW image file created by different digital cameras like Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon etc.
  • Mac photo recovery software has a capacity to recover photos from flash memory cards used by different devices.
  • This tool allows you to recover photos from hard drives and even from USB drives.
  • This tool equipped with “preview” option which enables you to view the recovered image files before restoration.
  • This software is well designed to support all the versions of Mac OS like Mac OS X Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X Yosemite,  Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard etc.
  • It has a very easy graphical user interface that allows the users to do recovery process within a short period of time.

Precautions to avoid photo loss from Mac

  • Avoid formatting your memory cards without back up, which are used in digital cameras.
  • During file transfer don’t allow abrupt ejection of memory cards.
  • Always its good practice to remove memory cards after turn off your device
  • Always try to use updated antivirus tool to scan your computer as well as memory cards to avoid virus infection.
  • Before going to capture photos make sure that device battery is having battery back up or not.

How To Easily Recover Data From Macbook Computer?

“Accidentally I have deleted some data on Mac book and the data which was deleted are very important to me. So can anyone suggest me to know, how to recover my data on Macbook?”

When you come across this kind of situation, the very first thing comes to your mind, is there any possibility to recover data from Mac book? Finding a solution for this issue would have made you stressed. But don’t worry about your lost or deleted data, because Macbook data recovery will assist you in a prominent way to recover all your data which are lost or deleted from Mac book. Read more about Mac data recovery software, which helps you to know how to recover data in an easy way

mac book recovery

Mac Computers is a popular model made by Apple. Introduced in 1984, this Macintosh has a graphical user interface (GUI) that uses windows, icons, and a mouse which makes somewhat easy for beginners to use this computer efficiently. Moreover, this GUI is embedded into the operating system, which means all applications that run on a Macintosh computer have a similar user interface. Once a user has become familiar with one application, he or she can learn new applications quite easily.

Macintosh is available with different models and configuration, which varies with degrees of speed and power. Under this, MacBook is a notebook computer which has various user-friendly features like portability, reliability, high performance etc. There are many advantages on MacBook, but still, it’s prone to data loss situation.

There are many scenarios which cause data loss situation from MacBook. Some of them are deleting partition, formatting, OS installation, re-installation, virus attack and many more. Among this accidental deletion is one of most common and frequent issue faced by many users.

Many users think that when a file is lost, it is permanently deleted. Actually speaking, when any file is erased from system only pointer of that particular file will be erased, making that file invisible to a user. This indicates free space so that user can store new files in it. Hence data recovery of lost files is possible, only when free space is not overwritten by any new file. If a user saves any new files after data loss situation then chances of data recovery will be very less.

Some factors that cause data loss on MacBook are mentioned below:

 Improper transfer: While moving the files from an external storage device like thumb drives, iPods, memory cards, external hard drives etc. to your MacBook, if the transfer process is interrupted then there are huge chances of losing your vital files

Accidental Formatting: Formatting the MacBook hard drive or Volume generally refers to erasing all the data present in it. Before formatting either you need to take backup of important data or you have to make sure that the MacBook volume you are formatting does not have any important data. In case you format the Volume containing important files, then you will lose all your files.

File System Conversion: When you try to convert the existing file system of MacBook to some other file system without taking the data backup, the files present in your MacBook volume might become inaccessible and you will lose all the files stored on it.

Software to Unformat HDD

Consider a situation, while playing your favorite computer game FIFA and unexpectedly the system shuts down automatically. After restarting when you try to run the application, it displays a error message. All your saved game data cannot be accessed.

Don’t worry there’s a solution to your worries. The Recover Windows Pro Edition recovers and retrieves the corrupted data very easily within a few clicks.

How Data gets corrupted/damaged?

  • Unintentional formatting of data deletes all the files from the system thus resulting in lost files.
  • An accidental shutdown of the device due to power surge, while the data was being accessed, can damage the file and cannot be accessed.
  • Installation/up gradation from third-party utilities or downloading from malicious websites can damage the file also.
  • Sometimes the hard disk needs to be formatted due to the viruses which had corrupted the entire hard disk. This formatting deletes all the files resulting in loss of data.
  • Sometimes formatting also needs to be done to remove the bad sectors on the disk.

About Software:

The Recover windows Pro Edition easily recovers and retrieves all popular formats of Office Documents(.xls,.ppt,.doc,etc ), videos(MPEG, MP4  etc), images(JPEG, JPG etc) mail archives etc very easily.

Data recovery is possible from internal hard disks, external, Flash drives. It recovers data from RAID partitions(RAID0, RAID1, RAID5) and even recovers data from file systems such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5.

It is compatible with various versions of Windows and is also compatible with a various operating system such as Mac.

Editions of Recover ( Windows)!

Recover Windows Free Edition: All data deleted from the hard disk can be recovered up to 1 GB for free.

Recover Windows Basic Edition: Data deleted/lost due to deleting the file or permanently deleting the file can be recovered using this edition.

Recover Windows Media Edition: This edition is specifically designed to recover all popular formats of Microsoft Office documents(.PPT,.XLSX ,.DOC etc),Image file(JPEG,JPG etc) and video files (.AVI, .MP4 ,MOV etc).It recovers all multi-media files.

Recover Windows Pro Edition: It is a complete recovery solution for recovering data from hard disks may it be internal or external, Flash drives and data recovery is possible even from the partition.


Why Recover Windows Pro Edition?

  1. The “Save Recovery Session“ feature enables the user to pause and save the current session so that the user can continue from here on.
  2. The “Open Recovery Session “ feature allows the user to continue from the point where the user left off.This reduces repeated tasks and reduces the required time.
  3. The “Find” tool allows the user to search for a particular file by specifying the required file format, which refines the search thus reducing search time. The “Preview ” tool allows viewing the recovered files even before the completion of the recovery process.
  4. “First try then Buy” allows the user to download the free version of the device.If the user is satisfied with the service then upgrading to the “Media Edition” allows many more features.


Precautionary Measures:

  • Installation/re-installation should be done using genuine utilities. Avoiding download from malicious websites which can inflict virus on your system.
  • Proper antivirus should be installed and scanning should be done regularly.


Uncomplicated Method of Recovering Files from Flash Drive

Have you ever lost your precious files out of your flash drive? Then, don’t get worried. Now could recover those lost files in a simple approach. Just continue looking over this article to learn how to recover them.

Flash disk is an excellent storage device that is widely utilized nowadays to store most regularly used computer files. One can potentially store any type of data into flash drive including essential office files, pictures, videos, music files and lots of other helpful data. By simply connecting the flash drive to a computer the files kept in it could be accessed. It’s a storage device that could be easily attached to a computer which has USB slot in it.

But at times it happens that the files stored on the flash drive get lost. There are many causes of losing a file out of a flash drive, however, some of those reasons are mentioned here.

  • Virus infection: a Harmful virus is the nastiest program, whenever it makes its way into the flash drive, it will certainly infect the files contained in it, and make those files to become inaccessible
  • Using unreliable third party tools: Using any untrustworthy Third party tool is usually harmful, when you run any unreliable third party tool on your system while the flash drive is attached to the system then there’s a chance of unreliable tool deleting some of your files present in your flash disk

Besides of these, there are a number of other reasons that may make you lose your important files from flash disk.

But now you really don’t need to panic in case you lose any of your important files out of your flash drive because now there exists a flash drive restoration tool that will help you for recovering data from flash disk very easily. It’s a trusted recovery tool won’t possess any faults in it.

Can this recovery tool be used for recovering data from flash disk on a Mac-based computer?

Yes, obviously. No doubt in that, this wonderful tool knows how to retrieve lost files from flash drive on Mac, and very conveniently this flash drive restoration tool can be used on Windows PC too.

Remarkable features of flash drive data retrieval tool are mentioned below:

It is an efficient tool which effortlessly gets back lost or deleted data from flash drive. This highly effective flash drive recovery application works with both Windows as well as Mac based computers. It could recover data from the damaged flash drive as well. In an extremely short span of time you can obtain back your lost or deleted data. It is an application that is certainly free from all sorts of viruses and other harmful programs. It provides you a graphical user interface approach to recover data. Using this tool it is possible to recover data after formatting or reformatting the flash drive.

Visit the website. Download the trial edition of above told retrieval tool from there. Install and run application on your computer, and get back your lost data. After successful restoration, purchase the licensed edition of similar software.

Software to Recover Deleted Documents

Documents are defined as the records or a bunch of information which can be stored on the system hard drive as one or more files. Each document is treated as the single file and the whole document is known as data. There are variously typed of documents like PDF documents, word documents, Presentation documents, text document, journal documents, etc. Now and then you will be deleting unwanted documents from the system. But sometimes some crucial documents get deleted along with the unwanted ones. This is one of the most common mistakes that you commit which results in deletion of documents.

Now let us consider one of the scenarios like you can create any number of documents and presentations for the project which has to be submitted your boss. When you are generating the office files, you create some of the doc files that you need to delete it from the terminal as it directly deletes a file from the system without moving it to the junk. You open the terminal and type “rm” command and drag the file to the deadly part. As you drag and press the return key your document gets deleted from the system itself. Then while assembling project in a proper manner you were not able to found the important office document as you deleted that document instead of the other unnecessary one. You can undelete documents by using the document recovery software that supports effectively in all the deleted documents. By using this utility you can get back your deleted documents within a few minutes.

Some of the other scenarios for deletion of documents

•Deletion of documents due to command error: If you select the documents from the drive and click on shift + delete option accidentally then it will get erased from the system hard drive which results in deletion of specific documents.
•Antivirus scanning: Antivirus scanning process is used to scan your system in order to make it free from the virus infection. While performing this process sometimes it might delete some important documents instead of fixing it as it fails to do so.
•Bypassing Recycle Bin or Mac trash: All the deleted documents will be stored in the Recycle Bin or Mac trash folder. But sometimes when the file size limit exceed it will bypass the folder due to lack of storage capacity. As a result, the document becomes inaccessible.
•Cut and Paste operation: While using cut and paste command documents might get deleted from its destination location.

Imagine that you are transferring the documents from the external storage device to the system hard drive but you accidentally select the delete option after clicking Cut option instead of selecting the paste option which results in deletion of specific files.
If you are facing the problem of deletion of documents then you use the recovery software. This software also supports to recover documents deleted from recycle bin effectively. Hence there is a possibility of getting documents with Recycle Bin which is deleted for various reasons.

Some of the features of this recovery toolkit

•This software scans the entire drive within a few minutes and restores your deleted documents.
•The deleted document recovery software supports both on Windows and Mac operating system.
•It also gives you the solution for how to restore deleted word documents and has the capability to find deleted word document of any format which is broken, damaged doc, docx.
•This utility also retrieves documents with the extension like .txt, .doc, .pdf, .pptx, .ppt, etc from the hard drive or from ant other storage media.

This software is available in demo version download and installs it on your system to know its performance. After using, if you are delighted then go for the full version to save your obtained documents.

Flash Drive Not Recognized Windows 10


“I had some of the very rare live videos of my most favorite band “The Pink Floyd” and some of the important official documents. Dumbstruck! I do not know how to recover data from flash drive not recognized error. Can anybody recommend me an application which can recover non-recognized flash drive on Windows 10 keeping all the files intact?”

downloadAmong all the software that stands out among the rest is the Recover Windows which reacquires data very efficiently due to its easy-to-use GUI and is available free to download throughout the internet.
The Recover Windows is a complete recovery tool which can recover data that have been deleted from external drives, USB, Flash wipes, memory cards (SD, XD, MMC etc). It can recover data from RAID (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5) partitions and also from hard disk types (SATA, IDE, SCSI etc).
It has the ability to recover deleted data which had been deleted using SHFT+DEL and also recovers RAW format of an image from all popular formats(NEF, PEF etc) and also from manufacturers being Cannon, Nikon etc. It is compatible with multiple operating systems likes of Mac and Windows and even the latest versions including Windows 10.

The reasons leading to loss of data

• Flash drives contain a flash memory device to store the data, but it also has a limited lifespan of 10,000 read/write cycles. Once the read/write cycle is over the device becomes subject to various performance issues such as slow processing speed and even may be damaged.
• The files residing in the bad sectors of the drive can be subject to inaccessibility. There is also a situation in which due to the presence of too many bad sectors the complete drive needs to be formatted which renders corrupted files.
• Unintentional formatting of the drive erases the file contents completely thus leading to loss of data.
• Virus and malware pose a constant threat issue regarding the safekeeping of the files. Downloading content from malicious/unauthorized websites can incur virus inflictions thus rendering corrupt files and may also exhibit absurd behavior.
• Upgrading the files systems too frequently can cause the drive to get corrupted.
• Deleting the files using “SHFT+DEL” causes the files to get erased permanently bypassing the recycle bin.

Why Recover Windows over others?

The Recover Windows can recover files of all popular formats of audio, video, image, office documents etc from hard drive types of NTFS, FAT16, FAT32,exFAT and NTFS5 to name a few of them. It can recover from bad sectors of the drive.
The software allows Selective recovery of files by selecting the type of file to be recovered. The Preview tool allows the user to view the recovered files prior to saving them to their destination folder and the Find tool allows the user to cut down the search area by specifying the file name, extension, date modified, size and date created.

The Save recovery session enables the user to pause and save the recovery process so as to continue the process from thereon. The Open recovery session allows the user to open and continue from the instant the user left off thus cutting down the time elapsed in the repeated scanning of the entire device and also increases performance.

The First Try then Buy allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software from the internet and even preview the recovered files. But, saving them to their destination folder requires subscribing to the Pro version which allows advanced and additional features.

AVI Repair Software on Mac

Sometimes you might be getting an unexpected playback results from your AVI videos which won’t play on your player. This means that the AVI file has got corrupted. What will you do to fix your corrupted AVI file? Seek help or search for the tool to repair your damaged AVI file? Want to know how to repair your broken AVI file on Mac system, then here is the AVI repair tool Mac which is capable of repairing corrupted AVI videos on Mac. This software also recovers music, video files, photos, RAW photos, etc from memory card, hard drives, etc no matter how the AVI files got corrupted. This Mac AVI repair software is configured to repair AVI files safely. The powerful algorithm of this software has an ability to fix and reconstruct damaged audio and video stream simultaneously. This read-only application supports to fix corrupted AVI files in different versions of Mac operating system. It also comes with the preview option to enable preview of the repaired AVI file.

Some of the problems that you encounter due to the corruption of this AVI file

Corrupted video: AVI video gets corrupted when you downloaded the AVI file incompletely from the internet or from any other storage devices or any errors while downloading AVI file also results in the corruption of AVI file.
Damaged player: When you use an application or the player which is damaged then that can make the video to get damaged, as a result, the AVI file refuses to play as it got corrupted.
Picture freezes: Sometimes when you try to play AVI file, picture freezes but sound continuous to play. This is possible because of the broken or corrupted frames in the video stream.
AVI file refuses to play in any thing: If this situation occurs that the AVI file simply will not work with anything you try then it could be possible due to codec issue. You need the necessary codec to decode the video and audio data within an AVI file.

You can also find some of the other problems like picture get pixilated and blocky which will be possibly due to the corrupted frames. Sometimes you cannot skip a video which is often due to a bad AVI index or lack of index entry. When you come across this entire situation then no need to be worried and dig an idea to repair this corrupted AVI file. Just make use of this AVI repair application that executes the repair progression on you Mac system or on any other external devices and all the ruined files will be secured in a few minutes.

Things to be remembered to avoid corruption of AVI file

You have to check the memory space of your storage device before downloading any of the AVI files on your Mac system. Avoid downloading AVI file from any unauthorized third party software available on the internet. Always maintain the backup of all the important AVI files on other external storage devices.

Outlook lost & deleted emails recovery can be performed very easily

“Microsoft Outlook” the best client-side tool that is employed for emailing. Its user interface is designed in such a manner that it can be used without any difficulties. Users are certainly not required to install the other software apart from Microsoft Office. The Outlook is installed with default settings and provides the best choices for users to communicate with a straightforward technique. It has the most effective features, amongst them security is the best one. The Outlook gives the accessibility to the user only when the authentication credential is provided. Therefore, the unauthorized user is kept away using the data of some other profile. Upon that, the Outlook can create multiple profiles in Outlook.

The better user interface, compatibility features (Microsoft products especially), security credentials, huge data storage, etc. helps make the Outlook so powerful. But, the items of Outlook can be lost or deleted on account of the occurrence of corruption in PST file (PST corruption is severe). Therefore, in order to get back Mailbox Items like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc. which were lost then you have to use the repair MS Outlook Inbox. Apart from deleted mailbox items, you can restore lost emails, recovery of missing items may also be done with similar software. Other than this you can also recover Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, etc.

Here’s the perfect solution for oversized PST plus the easy way to recover emails and other deleted items from Outlook 2007.
Previously, the Unicode file format which was employed in older versions. The restriction with the savings of data is up till 2 GB. The size of the PST file was less with that version. The foremost reason it gets corrupted was due to low storage capacity. Later, UFT came which resolved this matter and increased the size of PST file. UTF support numerous characters along with its usage quality was increased up to 50 GB.

This enhancement decreases the problem from the oversized PST file. Still, there are several scenarios left which end up in non-responding Outlook. Listed below are a few of them that may result in email loss.

• Unsecured networks are enough for corrupting any kind of files and if PST file is shared over them subsequently user may face the corruption
• While utilizing the Outlook, in case you abruptly close the application then it may lead to exactly the same situation of corruption
• Upgrading the type of the Outlook
• Oversized PST is often the reason for corruption  (size varies with some other version of the Outlook).

Sometimes losing scenarios occur unpredictably and sometimes due to human errors. Sometimes these kinds of corruption bring emails deletion. Somewhere, this will get a user to face the not responding Outlook. Therefore, if you wish to keep the Outlook resistant to corruption or from unknown silly reasons then you have to become little cautious. You can prepare Backups at regular time intervals in order to recover the files and restoring points can also help but they must be updated.

Lastly, if you learned that no scenarios helped then you definitely have to utilize the email recovery software that can retrieve deleted items from the Outlook 2007. The software program will repair the PST file and may extract each of the emails from Outlook backup file. The software has a snapshot to show each step of email recovery to provide easiness to the user.

How Can You Delete Duplicate Audio Files?

Duplicate music files are usually called unwanted music files, which can accumulate large memory space on your PC hard disk, memory cards, USB drives and other storage devices. Due to which, you can see a sluggish speed of your computer. You cannot recognize how duplicate MP3 files enter your PC. The hidden fact about an accumulation of duplicate music files is because of copying hundreds of audio files on your system. This prevents you from saving important files further. In order to get rid of this type of unexpected crisis, it is essential to delete duplicate audio files.

It takes enough time when you attempt to remove hundreds of duplicate music files from your system. You can smoothly search multiple copies of duplicate audio files. The main purpose of deleting duplicate files is to create free disk space for new files. As a result, it boosts up system’s performance. Manual deletion of duplicate music files is the uninteresting procedure and takes sufficient time. In the event, you have numerous copies of audio files in a particular folder then you can search effortlessly and erase them. When you desire to erase large quantity of duplicate music files then do not waste your expensive time and just employ Remo More tool. It is to remove duplicate audio files on all launches of both Mac and Windows Operating System.

It can enable you to search duplicate music files according to their file name, file size and date of file creation. If you feel happy after seeing its performance, then purchase it for the complete version. It allows you to find duplicate files based on their file name, file type, file size, etc. This utility comes with unique features, which makes duplicate audio files removal process in very easy. By using this duplicate file finder you can carry out protected and fast deletion of duplicate audio files. With the use of its appropriate scanning techniques, you can discover and delete duplicate music files with utmost ease. It is a simple app to deploy that can be used by even novice user also. It can securely delete duplicate audio files from your computer.

Utilize the trial version of this wonderful software to know its working principle. It can provide you an option to view the achieved outcome before storing it on your PC. This provides the finest way to remove different kinds of duplicate audio files such as M4b, M4A, AIFF, MP3, MP4, AMR, etc. from PC.  It can do complete scanning to find delete duplicate files from storage devices like hard drive, USB drive, SD cards, MMC cards, FireWire drives, etc.