Software to Unformat HDD

Consider a situation, while playing your favorite computer game FIFA and unexpectedly the system shuts down automatically. After restarting when you try to run the application, it displays a error message. All your saved game data cannot be accessed.

Don’t worry there’s a solution to your worries. The Recover Windows Pro Edition recovers and retrieves the corrupted data very easily within a few clicks.

How Data gets corrupted/damaged?

  • Unintentional formatting of data deletes all the files from the system thus resulting in lost files.
  • An accidental shutdown of the device due to power surge, while the data was being accessed, can damage the file and cannot be accessed.
  • Installation/up gradation from third-party utilities or downloading from malicious websites can damage the file also.
  • Sometimes the hard disk needs to be formatted due to the viruses which had corrupted the entire hard disk. This formatting deletes all the files resulting in loss of data.
  • Sometimes formatting also needs to be done to remove the bad sectors on the disk.

About Software:

The Recover windows Pro Edition easily recovers and retrieves all popular formats of Office Documents(.xls,.ppt,.doc,etc ), videos(MPEG, MP4  etc), images(JPEG, JPG etc) mail archives etc very easily.

Data recovery is possible from internal hard disks, external, Flash drives. It recovers data from RAID partitions(RAID0, RAID1, RAID5) and even recovers data from file systems such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5.

It is compatible with various versions of Windows and is also compatible with a various operating system such as Mac.

Editions of Recover ( Windows)!

Recover Windows Free Edition: All data deleted from the hard disk can be recovered up to 1 GB for free.

Recover Windows Basic Edition: Data deleted/lost due to deleting the file or permanently deleting the file can be recovered using this edition.

Recover Windows Media Edition: This edition is specifically designed to recover all popular formats of Microsoft Office documents(.PPT,.XLSX ,.DOC etc),Image file(JPEG,JPG etc) and video files (.AVI, .MP4 ,MOV etc).It recovers all multi-media files.

Recover Windows Pro Edition: It is a complete recovery solution for recovering data from hard disks may it be internal or external, Flash drives and data recovery is possible even from the partition.


Why Recover Windows Pro Edition?

  1. The “Save Recovery Session“ feature enables the user to pause and save the current session so that the user can continue from here on.
  2. The “Open Recovery Session “ feature allows the user to continue from the point where the user left off.This reduces repeated tasks and reduces the required time.
  3. The “Find” tool allows the user to search for a particular file by specifying the required file format, which refines the search thus reducing search time. The “Preview ” tool allows viewing the recovered files even before the completion of the recovery process.
  4. “First try then Buy” allows the user to download the free version of the device.If the user is satisfied with the service then upgrading to the “Media Edition” allows many more features.


Precautionary Measures:

  • Installation/re-installation should be done using genuine utilities. Avoiding download from malicious websites which can inflict virus on your system.
  • Proper antivirus should be installed and scanning should be done regularly.