Ultimate Tool to Undelete Files on USB Drive

USB flash drive brings a great convenience due to its portability. Typically this device is removable and rewritable that is physically smaller than the size of the floppy disk. USB drive carries many advantages over other portable storage devices when compared with other storage devices. USB drives are faster and have an ability to store more files. However, this USB drive also brings an unpredictable risk of file deletion. When USB drives are used to carry out precious files of personal or business files, an accidental operation like delete or format may occur that leads to deletion of valuable files.

When you encounter file deletion scenarios from a USB drive, some of you might think that files are gone forever and can never be restored. But the fact is that still there is very good possibility for recovery of deleted files from a USB drive. This is because when you delete any files from USB drive only the index entry to that file has become inaccessible but the content remains in the same place until it is overwritten by other new files. You can easily undelete a file by scanning USB drive. In order to undelete files from a USB drive, prefer this USB recovery tool. USB recovery toolkit works by effective scanning methodology that has an ability to undelete files on USB drive within a short span of time. This is a superb utility to undelete files from USB drives on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Some of the factors responsible for deletion of files from USB drive

  • Improper removal of USB drive: While USB drive is busy in performing any read/write operation with the system, if you remove the USB drive then you end up with deletion of files from the USB drive. Or if there is any sort of interruption while transferring files from USB drive then it leads to deletion of files from USB Drive.
  • Intentional deletion: Sometimes you may remove a particular file from USB flash drive intentionally thinking that the deleted files are stored in Recycle Bin folder and you can restore them back whenever you require. But the deleted files from USB drive bypasses the Recycle Bin and you end up with deletion of files from USB drive and regret your own mistake.
  • Malware attack: If your USB drive is affected by any dangerous or harmful viruses then the files stored on the drive get removed without giving any notification.

Fortunately, you can overcome all these scenarios with the help of this USB recovery tool. USB recovery toolkit helps in recovery of deleted images, videos, music, audios, office documents like MS Word docx file, PowerPoint files, MS Excel files, PDF and other files with ease. This application works by effective scanning technique to identify and restores deleted files from USB drive effortlessly. You can apply this utility to restore files from Kingston USB drive, Lexar USB drive, Sony, SanDisk, Olympus, Jetflash, Samsung, Transcend USB drive and other different brands of the USB drive.

Important cautions to be followed to avoid loss of files from USB drive

  • To restore files from USB drive after accidental deletion, keep the backup of important files on multiple storage devices.
  • Do not save any new files on the USB drive from where you have deleted to avoid misshaping of the files.
  • Keep your USB drive away from virus infected devices.