2012 Non-Retina MacBook Is the Apple’s Best Selling Laptop

A non-Retina MacBook Pro which was introduces in 2012 is still leading as a bestselling laptop of Apple and it is most compelling. It has the features of a thin MacBook Air. It is also a thinner MacBook and its displays are looking gorgeous. The battery backup is excellent and it will not last soon.

maxresdefault2012 MacBook has any post-purchase customizability level and is the only computer which Apple has sold ever. In order to remove tiny bits of waste from internal chassis, the new 2015 MacBook was engineered. For you to tinker 2012 MacBook Pro has plenty of space inside it, as it was in MacBook Airs and other stunning Retina MacBook Pros. The other advantage of 2012 MacBook is you can repair it easily, whereas it is not easy in other models of Apple.

Now let us look at why 2012 Non-Retina MacBook is been sold the most. This standard MacBook Pro has an optical disc drive or DVD drive and any sort of drives are available. Ethernet port is available only in this laptop. Also Firewire is available only in this laptop. These feature may be useful to you are not, but these features are not available in other laptops of Apple. So keeping these features in your laptop is worthy.

The price of a basic model is $1,099, if you apply an extra $150, then you can get additional 2.9 GHz dual core Intel i7 processor. Adding this will make your laptop better than the new models and also the new laptops of Apple are more expensive.

If the DVD drive is not useful to you then you can remove it out or can replace it with another hard drive. The CEO of iFixIt Kyle Wiens says that “Most folks replace their optical drive with an SSD”. This model has 1 TB spinning drive as well as 256 GB SSD, which is the cheapest one. Standard RAM is used by this computer, so 16 gigs of it can be purchased and pop it in few couple of minutes and can make your computer very faster.

A cofounder of Tumblr, Marco Arment says “It’s an open secret among Apple employees that the [computer] still sells surprisingly well, to a nearly tragic degree, given its age and mediocrity”. He also says “As we’ve progressed toward thinner, lighter, more integrated Macs, we’ve paid dearly in upgradeability, versatility, and value”.