Improve Laptop Performance

Do you have the Laptop which is performing really sluggish from the past few days or months? Of course even a brand new Laptops can run slower even freeze without careful system care. In these days most of the Laptops are experiencing long and very dangerous journey due to unknown virus attack, rapid hardware updating speed, overload programs, keeping too much valuable system resources, many junk files produced by online surfing, etc. Higher configuration, RAM, top processor, lots of space, all these factors not count when the Laptop is not used properly. Although you may have many top end systems, improper usage makes the laptop to work very slowly. Certainly here are many useful tips to boost up the Laptop performance.

Avoid too many start-ups- avoid many software which runs during start up because it consumes high amount of RAM. Your Laptop system will be ready until the programs are loaded after the boot. Simple software’s such as Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, etc can be disabled during the start up of the Laptop. They are set to run during Windows start up by default.

Disk defragmentation- This is the process where the contents in the device are organized into smaller spaces by giving you more space. Perform the defragmentation process regularly in at least once in a month.

If you have taken all these steps which are listed in this article but still need to improve Laptop performance then here are few extra measures to be considered. You can also disable unnecessary software by typing “msconfig” in the Windows run command and click on Start up tab. But you must be careful and don’t disable the system core programs.

How to improve the performance of the Laptop?

The section which is mentioned here is optional. Follow the few steps, to run your Laptop more efficiently. Here are some performance options:

Open Control Panel-> double click to open system-> click on Advanced tab-> under performance, select settings-> choose adjust for the best performance-> then click apply

By changing your laptop’s performance options lets your computer use part of your hard disc as memory, which provides a speed boost.

Battery issue

Battery issue is one of the complaints from laptop users. Simple solution to this issue is often overlooked is carrying an extra battery in your notebook bag. There is no reason to have your Laptop die on you in the middle when you are performing any read or write operation of important document or else you might be playing favorite video game. Just carry out an extra battery along with you and never worry about it again.

If you find it difficult in following this step then there is no need to be worried a lot because you can also boost up the performance of the Laptop battery with the help of the third party improve Laptop performance software.