Specialized Tool to Fix H264 MOV File

H264 is a video codec which is recently launched in the market place and is an upgraded version of previous codecs. It is a MOV file and gives good video quality in less size compare to other formats. In some cases, you notice that H264 video file refuse to play on any media player. In such case, you want to fix corrupt H264 video file as soon as possible but if you do not know how to fix it then here is perfect solution for you.

It hurts a lot when your H264 MOV file does not play on any media player. In the event, you may try several times to play that video on media player. However, if you become incapable to see that video then your situation becomes even critical. Hence, it is necessary to fix damaged H264 MOV file. You can perform fixing of damaged H264 MOV file using the tool called repair video Mac OS X. It is developed with some simple procedures to help novice users to carryout repairing of H264 MOV file in couple of minutes.

Here are few reasons behind corruption of H264 MOV file:

• Sudden turning off your camcorder while recording video clip: Suppose you are recording a H264 video using digital camera, in such case if you unexpectedly turnoff the digital camera then there is a chance that H264 video file gets corrupt.

• Unexpected power failure: While transferring H264 MOV file from computer to storage device, if you encounter the situation like sudden power failure in between this process then there is a possibility that H264 MOV file gets corrupt. This type of situation occurs at any time and lead to severe corruption of H264 MOV file.

• H264 file header corruption: When you download the H264 MOV file from freeware website during this case, if sudden system turnoff occurs then it may result in H264 file header corruption and when you try to play it on any media player, it refuse to play.

Some popular features of this amicable software:

• It can fix the H264 MOV file with ease and make it playable on media players like QuickTime and VLC.
• It can repair the H264 MOV file corrupt due to faulty firmware, incomplete downloading, unsupported media player, etc.
• Additionally, it has the capacity to support fixing of video codec such as mp4v, avc1, mjpeg, etc.
• This tool is useful when your MP4 and AVI file fail to run on Mac computer.
• By making use of this utility, you can repair damaged H264 MOV file from popular brands of camcorders like Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Casio, Panasonic, etc.
• It is enriched with special automatic repair process which separates out both audio and video data streams and joins them to make them playable on media players.
• After the completion of H264 MOV file repairing process, you can preview obtained result.