Tool to Get Back Erased Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files

Documents are text files designed using word processing application. Documents can be used for private and own purposes like writing information to convey others, documenting tasks, creating presentations as well as many other purposes. Documents include word files, zip files, PDF files, compressed files, powerpoint files, excel files and much more that come under the category of files. Each one of these files can be maintained on flash drives, computer hard disks, portable drives along with other storage devices.

Despite of its excellent features, you might happen to erase your important files from computer hard disk, pen drive or other storage device. The most frequent situations, which many of us experience is accidentally deletion of files using Shift + Delete keys combination. After doing this, the files in that particular folder are erased right away, which skips the Recycle Bin folder. You’ve got no chance to restore those files from Recycle Bin folder or that folder.

If you come across such situation, stay relax!!! We have one of the best Document Recovery tool, which is well-suited for such situations and can bring back your deleted files undamaged. Let’s see more situations where this recovery tool plays an important role in recovering your deleted files.

Other situations where document recovery tool plays an important role

  • Third party applications: Normally, third party tools are installed on computers for user convenience for performing several tasks. These applications have potential to erase your stored files from computer hard disk during any operation.
  • Malware infection: Many of us browse untrusted sites and download numerous files. These downloaded files might be infected and may delete your valuable files from desired location without you knowing.

If you have erased your files intentionally or unintentionally, you can make sure of how to recover deleted word, excel and powerpoint files employing this recovery tool.

Popular features of Document Recovery Tool

Document Recovery tool has strong algorithms, which scans and recover your deleted files in couple of minutes. This tool facilitates the recovery of numerous deleted files like word, excel and powerpoint files without any difficulty. Apart from text files, it has ability to search and retrieve other files like pictures, graphics, audios, etc based on their unique signatures. You can get back files that got delete using command prompt or Shift + Delete keys. The application has hassle-free approach which can recover erased files from Recycle Bin folder. For those who have erased your word, excel or powerpoint files from USB drive, thumb drive or any other storage device, this recovery software can be useful to get back your files quickly. You are able to install and perform document recovery process on Mac OS like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and X 10.5 and Windows OS like Vista, 7, XP, 8, 2008 and 2003.