Using Android on the Desktop

On the planet android is the most popular mobile OS and OS is brought to cars, televisions and watches. Form the report of The Wall Street Journal, Google will bring Android to another form factor as soon as possible: laptops and desktop computers. For a mouse and keyword, re-architecting Android is going to require major changes to the smartphone operating system, but today most of the people realize that Android is actually much farther along that path.

screen480x480For desktop OS, the biggest affordance the Android makes is that it supports mouse and keyboard. Any of the Android devices can be paired with a Bluetooth. If you need a wired route, then you just need to plug in a mouse and keyboard via a USB OTG cable and a USB hub. With a keyboard and mouse, some OEMs even build Android devices like the Asus Transformer series, which is a convertible laptop that runs Android.

Mouse support:

Plug in or pair your mouse with an Android device when you want to play at your home and you will get a mouse cursor. The second you connect the mouse you will get a familiar black arrow will pop up and also you can adjust the pointer speed.

The interaction of the mouse treats like a “virtual finger“, to a screen tap a single left-click map is pretty easily. So by tapping on an app will enable to launch it and it works perfectly. Sometimes it will ask you to replicate the finger swipe with a mouse that means clicking and dragging on the screen. The mouse can therefore be interpreted as asking the open Android application by clicking and dragging and it is done to do two things one is highlight text and other is swipe.

Click right:

The right click is supported by the base operating system and none of the OS interface uses it. It the usual copy/cut/paste menu would show up for the right-clicking text then it would be great and the right click on the home screen icon then obviously you can see options for “remove icon”, “view app info” and “uninstall app”. Touch interface of the Android has a secondary context action similar to right click the long press.


To the Android connect a physical keyboard and it will just work. From multiple keyboard layouts, the settings can be picked and extra button can be added to the bottom navigation bar to enable or disable the keyboard software. Shortcuts of the keyboard can also be worked such as the ctrl and “C”, “X” and “V” to perform copy, cut and paste. Also ctrl + “Z” or “Y” can be done to do undo and redo.